Thursday, 22 March 2012

Why I love My kindle

My kindle travels everywhere with me; university, the train, home, bed and on holiday. So you can very well see that I am a huge fan of ereaders and am probably a little bit in love with my Kindle <3
But, sadly there are those non ereader believers. They hate everything about the kindle and ereaders and think they are sent from the very pits of hell to either destroy the paper books, and comments such as "but kindle's don't smell like books" well of course not! Anyway who goes around sniffing books.


I still buy books
The kindle is just another way of reading a book, I still shop in Waterstones and visit my local library but the Kindle is just a device that allows me to have loads of books at my fingertips. Think of it as like when mp3 players came into use and everyone was all "oh my god there's going to be no more CD's or vinyl!" but now everyone uses mp3's, CD's and vinyl, in fact vinyl sales were up by 29% in 2011 (source). So to debunk all those people saying ereaders will destroy books forever, i don't think they will!

Loads of books less weight
I so far have 100 or so books uploaded onto my kindle, If i had these in my room i would have no space to put anything, I have 10 boxes in my garage full of books and then i wonder why i can never find a book i want to re-read!! So having a kindle saves space and organises your books so that its easier to find them. Also when i go on holiday before i had my kindle i bought 3 books to read, which took up space in my suitcase and added more weight! But now thanks to my kindle i no longer have this issue, and can bring more than 3!

Most ereaders  now allow you to download pdf's onto your ereader, i know mine does :) As a student I have loads of pdf documents I use such as journal articles and other boring univeristy related stuff, instead of me having to lug all these documents over to uni each day I have downloaded them onto my kindle! 

Quick access
Say someone reccomends a book to me i can just whip out my kindle and if there is wi-fi i can connect to the internet and locate the book via Amazon. I have done this a few times in book stores which have free wi-fi when i am browsing books to compare the prices as e-books tends to be cheaper than paper books.

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