Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tuesday book talk

I was trying to come up with a ironic title for this post, as I plan to make Tuesdays my 'what Nichola found interesting about books this week' post. If you have any ideas AT ALL please do post a comment with your idea that I can steal borrow.

1. I am addicted to Goodreads. There I said it!
I love ticking off which books i have read.
Finding new books and authors.
And comparing my 'read' books to others. (I'm winning).
Join here!

2. Out of Print.
They sell 'iconic and out of print book cover on shirts.
And for each shirt sold they donate 1 book to Africa.
Click here for further information.
(i want this t-shirt!)

3. Bookshelf Porn.
Bookshop Selexyz Dominicanen converted from an old Dominican church in Maastricht,Netherlands. Designed by Merkz+Girod Architects.
No not the 18+ kind. The oh-my-god i want this bookshelf now kind.
Its a photo blog of amazing bookshelfs from round the globe!

4. Book into films.
There seems to be loads of books being made into films. After Harry Potter became a big awesome book(s) to a big awesome film(s), many film producers have begun to hop onto the bandwagon. Heres an article about the 15 best upcoming movies based on books.
I will admit i only read The Help when i saw the movie trailer... oh dear.

Its about the price of publishing (did you know if only costs £3.00 to make a hardback) books and the introduction of ebooks and customers wanting cheaper prices.
I found it interesting and i hope you do too!

Ok that's your lot!
I will be reviewing Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris in my next post!