Monday, 9 January 2012

Books into Films

At the moment there seems to be alot of film trailers for book adaptations, such as War Horse, The Hobbit, and even fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk! I love that these books are being brought out to those who probably would not have read the books, and I will admit I have never heard of and therefore not read War Horse (But it is now on my to read list!). 

However the most anticipated book adapted to film is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Its a dystopia novel in the future where the Capitol select a boy and a girl from each District (sort of like states/countys) where they fight to the death, which is aired on TV, the book follows Katniss who volunteers instead of her sister who was originally picked to fight. I heard of this book a year ago and never got round to reading, until i saw it in my local bookstore and i never looked back!

When i first heard about this book being adapted into a film, I was slightly put off/annoyed because other books i have read that were adapted into films such as One Day in my view did not do the book justice. And i was quite scared that the adaptation of the Hunger Games might fall into the same trap, however from looking at the trailers recently released I am really excited and it seems like the Director Gary Ross has done the book and Suzanne Collins proud.

Also we cannot talk about books being adapted into films without a mention of Stieg Larsson's Girl with the dragon tattoo which is my ultimate faveorite book in the world. 

The book was apapted into a movie in 2009 by Sweden, I can vaguely remember that it was being shown in the UK too but because the film was Swedish it had subtitles, which puts me off watching films. Then in 2011 the Uk version of the book/swedish film was released! The book was so gritty and so detailed so i am still deciding weather to go and watch the film or just stick with the book, because im sure they will cut out the best bits from the book. 
What do you think on book to film adaptations? 

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