Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Its called a book review: The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

I finished The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes a few days ago, I was going to post a review the minute i finished but i finished it at 1am in the morning and i was too sleepy to switch on my laptop and write a review, but it just shows how much i enjoyed reading this book! I only had 100 pages left to read so before i went to bed i stayed up reading and reading AND reading until i had finished because i just had to know what the chapters were counting down too. And oh boy was i in for a surprise (I'm sure you will agree if you have read the book) about who the narrator is and what he/she is counting down to.

The book starts by introducing us to each of the main characters (Though more main characters come into play later) who live in 66 Star Street, we get to know each of the characters and their lifestyles, aspirations, and life outside of 66 Star Street. I found the book tended to centre on the issue of relationships (love, hate, etc) which was quite interesting to see how each character of different ages interact within these relationships (especially Maive poor thing!).

Its ending i will not spoil for you, but the build up to it is definitely worth it! At first i was completely confused and thought i must have misread it, so i re-read the last few pages again just to make sure i hadn't missed anything because it was slightly out of the blue, and i honestly would not have thought of a plot line like this before. I found guessing who the narrator was and what they were counting down to a really great aspect to the book, as the majority of books tell you the 'important event' at the start or middle to keep the reader from becoming bored, but this novel didnt require that, since the strong characters and mini plot lines within it keeps the readers attention and it made me personally want to know what would happen next. So its a book that involved you and sucks you in from the start, perfect!

This is the first book i have read by Marian Keyes and i will be looking out for her other books, because this book was so unique to others i have read, but if you have read/liked books such as One Day by David Nichols i think you will like this book too!

My rating: 5/5


  1. I liked your review! I will be adding this to my 'to-read' booklist. :)

  2. Great review! I'm going to add this book to my "to-read" list! It sounds like one I'd enjoy =]