Sunday, 31 July 2011

Its called a book review: Full dark, no stars by Stephen King

I have only recently began to read Stephen King novels, mainly because my mother deems them to be 'really scary' and apparently you are too afraid to sleep after reading one, so I have always shied away from reading his novels. However I stumbled upon one book in my local library called Duma Key which from reading the blurb looked really interesting, and of course the book was bulky (do we expect anything other than a bulky book from Mr. King? No) which is my Favourite thing about books, so I jumped on the Stephen King bandwagon and read my first book by this author and never looked back. Though I didnt particulary enjoy this book there were parts i did like, just not the whole book...

Last year I read Under The Dome by Stephen King which was no at all scary, apart from the gory bits! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and fell back in love with his novels and was eagerly anticipating his new book Full Dark, No Stars.

Full Dark, No Stars is a collecting of three short stories , i was disappointed that he has wrote short stories as he is known for these bulky books he writes in great detail. So i was wondering how he might write a smaller novel and would he miss out those important details i as a reader love so much about with his previous novels. One word; No. He is able to compact his normal bulky writing to his normal high standard, which is one aspect that i loved about these novels; i could get the same thrill of reading small novels with smaller details, which is sometimes lost in these types of small story collections.

As I said previously Stephen King novels tend to be creepy and scary, however these short stories didn't scare me in the slightest...apart from the last one. It was more of a what would someone do in certain (creepy & scary) situations, which i really enjoyed because I don't think many people consider the 'other' options we have.

I really enjoyed reading these short stories, it made a change from getting into a really bulky Stephen King book and getting lost for a week, not having any human contact within that time as the books sucks you in...these do that also however because they are so much smaller it probably takes at a few hours to read just one! So you can have human contact AND a Stephen King novel at the same time, amazing!

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