Friday, 15 June 2012

Holiday reads & reviews

Crap. Just realised how late this post is. Since I have more spare time on my hands and I seem to by flying through books this month: I pledge to post every Friday, and if your lucky I may post in-between Fridays!

If you are following me on Twitter (if not @nichola09) then you know I have been in a much sunnier climate than England last week; Majorca! This meant I had an excuse to read to my hearts content whilst lounging on a sun-bed. I have close to 30 books on my kindle, and got through Game of Thrones & 3rd way through Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin, before my kindle decided to run out of battery *cries*. Yes, I forgot my kindle charger. Luckily Flick had bought a book along too called I Heart Vegas by Lindsay Kelks, so I wasn't without reading material. 

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
A Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire 1I began reading this book a month ago, after 2 weeks i think i only got through 200 pages and was confused about the plot and characters, mainly due to there being a million characters in the book and my general lack of concentration. So I decided to put the book down and read it whilst on holiday, because the main problem was me; I don't concentrate properly on characters names, and this makes it hard when the book has loads of characters. 

However upon reading via the second attempt, I made an effort to properly concentrate on what I was reading. This obviously was the best way to go whilst reading such a detailed and complex book because I was not at all confused. What I most liked was the characters felt real and believable, and the fact that there are politics entwined within the book just makes me think the author is amazingly talented and creative to have an imagination that allows him to create works of art such as this book.
The book is part of a volume of fantasy novels (Song of Ice and Fire), where the seasons as we know them last decades (so summer for like 10 years say). King Robert makes Lord Eddard Stark his Hand, and from then onwards treason, secrets and family affairs cause issues in the kingdom and power, as the Dragon King who was deposed tries to reclaim power. 
This is one of my favorite books, I am currently reading the second book to this which is literally amazing. So i shall be giving this book a rating of:  5/5

I Heart Vegas
I am not usually a reader of Chick Lit's, but on this occasion it was my last resort. As much a dislike fluffy books, i really enjoyed reading this book! It follows Angela Clarke who is a brit living in New York who is a fashion writer but has just lost her job and is now being kicked out of America and sent packing back to Britain. However she has 30 days to get her new visa and work out how to get a visa without a job, her friends promptly take her on a weekend getaway to Vegas and it all goes wrong/right from there. 
The main thing i loved about this book, and the reason why i don't despair of this book as much as other chick lit's is that the writer can actually write and it was laugh out load funny in the situations that the main character got into. Also i fell in love with Alex slightly :3
You may see upon googling this book that its in a series (I heart Hollywood/London/New York) however I had not read any of these books previously and was able to quickly grasp who everyone was. So its a lovely beach side read, where you WILL laugh out load and 'aww' aloud. 
Rating: 4/5 

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